Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Champagne Flutes

In the last year, my obsession with anything gold has progressively grown. Gold jewelry, gold monograms and especially gold home accents. With my liquid gold leaf and my gold leaf pen, I have been doing so many little DIY projects here and there and I thought it was finally time to document one of them for you!

Kate Spade Dotted Mug
I had a couple of champagne flutes leftover from a brunch that we had for my roommate that is getting married next May (yayy!). The flutes were just from the Dollar Tree, so literally they were $1 apiece. I did a personalized flute for everyone that was there as a favor and they turned out super cute! But a couple of girls accidentally left theirs behind so we were left with 2 personalized flutes that weren't our initials; so I had to change that! Luckily the gold leaf pen came off easily with nail polish remover and I was left with a blank canvas on the flutes. The inspiration was actually from a Kate Spade dotted mug I have seen on Pinterest (pictured above). I love how the dots are just placed pretty randomly so it doesn't look so uniform. I used this as a basis to get started on the dots on mine!

Liquid Gold Leaf in Classic gold, Q-tips, and Dollar Tree Champagne Flutes
This tutorial is truly extremely simple. The only supplies that you need are shown above. The Liquid Gold Leaf is just from my local Michael's store. If you are a crafting regular, you know that Michael's always has a coupon for 40-50% off any one item. So, don't ever go in there to buy one thing and pay full price. Just pull it up on your phone and they will scan the coupon from there. This stuff is only around $6 for this container, and I know it seems small but a little goes a long way. I probably have had this for a year and it isn't even halfway gone. And I have used it on multiple projects!!  Obviously, the Q-tips could come from absolutely anywhere, and the champagne flutes are just from my local Dollar Tree.

To do the dots, just dip the tip of your Q-tip into the liquid gold leaf until just the tip is wet with the paint. That should be plenty of product to make a solid, opaque dot. As far as the placement of the dots, I wanted mine to be more concentrated towards the base of the glass.  As you can see in the above picture, I just randomly placed dots (much closer together at the base) all over and even overlapped a couple towards the bottom.  As the dots moved up the glass, I spaced them further and further apart.

The beauty of this, and really what makes it so easy- is that there is no real pattern to it! This means that there's no wrong way to place your dots, so don't be afraid of messing up! :) As I moved up the glass I left more space and even had a couple on each glass that lined up right at the lip of the glass. But just one or two of those per glass. Each dip of the Q-tip would get me around 2 solid dots. Some dots may not be as opaque as you prefer if there is not enough paint on the Q-tip. To touch those up, just wait until the dots have dried fully (otherwise it just makes it worse) and re-dot the same area.

I did need a new Q-tip after I did my first glass, so if it is getting messy or not producing as clean of a circle, just get yourself a new Q-tip! I just used two for both of these glasses. The pictures below are of the finished product! I really am so happy with how they turned out, they are the perfect addition to my gold bar cart.

Had to add a little pink champagne so you could get the full effect :)


And there you have it! Probably the most simple tutorial of all time, but the end result is fabulous! Obviously this dotted look would also look adorable on any other type of glass or even a plate or something for jewelry storage! And just one helpful tip- I would recommend hand washing these just to avoid flaking of the paint. It should be pretty stuck on there, but hand washing would definitely help it not chip! Hope you all enjoyed this and please share your own projects if you do attempt it!

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