Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY Tutorial: Scrapbook Paper & Mod-Podge Wine Bottle Makeovers

This is just going to be a quick tutorial, there aren't many steps to this craft.  It's simple and pretty easy to do, although it can get a little sticky!

What you need:
Old (empty) wine bottles
Scrapbooking paper of your choice
Mod Podge (I use 'lamination glue' from Hobby Lobby, it's only $2 per bottle and it's exactly the same)
Fake flower of your choice

First off, you are going to want to clean your  wine bottles, and soak them in water to be able to scratch off any labels that may be attached.  You want to start with a clean, DRY bottle.

You can pick whatever scrapbooking paper you like to do this with, the ones in the picture above were in my kitchen at my apartment.  I just used one type of paper for each of those bottles, and they were both a paisley type of print.  There was one other in my apartment but I couldn't find a picture of it, and it is now packed away in a box since I am now officially moved back in at home :/

Anyway, like I said you can use whatever you want.  For the bottle that I am showing you, I actually used three different prints of paper, vs. the one print I had used on the ones above.  The trick with using multiple prints is making sure you don't overlap one specific print too many times.  You want the prints to be evenly placed on the bottle.

The three prints I chose to overlap
The picture above shows the three pieces of paper I chose to use for this particular bottle.  I went with these colors because this bottle was for my little sister for her birthday and she goes to NKU (black and yellow are the school colors).

The next step is just cutting the paper into about one inch strips, and then from there cutting those strips down into about 1x1 inch squares.  Nothing has to be perfect at all, and you can even tear the paper with your fingers if you want less of an 'edge'.  I just found using scissors was really easy and quicker than tearing.

Roughly 1 inch strips
Squares of all the paper
(ignore the god-awful bleach spot on the carpet, please!)
Next you just want to brush a thin layer of mod-podge on the wine bottle itself so that the paper will stick to it.  I usually do it in about 2 inch sections, and I recommend starting from the top of the bottle because the neck is the hardest part to do.  Once I have multiple pieces secured to the bottle, I then brush a pretty thick layer of mod-podge over the pieces.  It will look really milky at first, but it dries clear and then gives it that finished look.

Still milky looking after a layer
of mod-podge is put on top
Like I said, if you are just using one print, then you don't have to worry about your placing of the pieces.  However, if you are using multiple prints you want to make sure not to have too many of the same beside each other...just pay attention to your placement and it's really not hard. You continue this process all the way down the bottle until it is fully covered with paper and a thick coat of mod-podge.  Then you let dry.

You can stop at this step and it looks perfectly fine.  However, I like to overlap things on top of this layer.  For instance, if the print is paisley, I like to cut out a few full paisley shapes and overlap them (shown in the first picture).  I also did that with a floral print that I used on another.  For this one however, I wanted to stick with the NKU theme, so I printed off an NKU logo online and colored it in to make it stand out.  I then waited for the bottle to be completely dry and overlapped it on top.  

After adding the NKU logo
The last step is just to let that baby dry and pick out a fake flower of your choice to add to it (if you want of course)!  I picked up little flowers at hobby lobby in different colors, I think they were like $1 apiece- super inexpensive. These are super fun little personalized additions to any room, like a kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom.  And the best part is, you can personalize them any way you want.  You could do any sports teams, any colors or prints, any overlaps (initials would be adorable!) that your heart desires.

Emily's turned out super cute and exactly how I had wanted it to, and I can now post this blog because I gave her her birthday present early :)

The finished product!

I hope you all give this a try at home and personalize it in different ways! I would love to see the finished product if any of you all do give it a try.  Just an additional note: don't get it wet.  The mod-podge is water soluble, so it gets milky again if it's wet and then the paper could get soggy, which is just a no-no.  You could also seal this with an acrylic spray paint if you'd like.  I haven't done that to any of mine just because I didn't think it was necessary. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned, my next tutorial is turning out to be soo so cute!



  1. nltebbe@cinci.rr.comMay 11, 2012 at 7:48 PM

    Love it...Great job!!

  2. I like your idea of decorating bottles with the nice prints and patterns of scrapbook paper! I especially like the paisley ones.

    Jake Grant

  3. I want to create a message in a bottle gift for my husband and decorate the wine bottle with our pictures. What glue should i use and what kind of paper should i get the pictures printed on ? Will the regular a4 be good enough ?

  4. When you did the bottles with the one piece of paper did you have to cut it into pieces to lay properly

  5. I am doing one for a friend with torn pieces of an old church song book.

  6. For this one however, I wanted to stick with the NKU theme, so I printed off an NKU logo online and colored it in to make it stand out. RS Glass bottle