Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Creative Jewelry Storage

First off, I have some very exciting news!  I am moving into my own apartment with a friend in 2 1/2 weeks!!! I have been living at home with the parentals since I graduated in May, and as much as I love them and don't mind living here (plus the free rent ain't half bad), I can NOT WAIT to be back out on my own again.  There is just something so satisfying about living in your own apartment, it makes me feel so much more accomplished and grown up.  We have been waiting to move for about two months now, so of course I have been feverishly searching everywhere for decor/inspirations/ideas, etc etc.  I have pretty much decided on color schemes and what I want things to look like, now it's just a matter of  putting it all together in the next few weeks.  So on the positive side, this means I FINALLY will be doing some DIY and decor posts!! I love love love being crafty and creative but I haven't really had the want or need to since I knew I wouldn't be staying at home forever.  Anyway, my head's a churnin' with ideas and I can't wait to make them come to life and showcase everything for you all.  I will do a post soon showing little tidbits of ideas and things I have picked up so you all will get a hint of what things may look like.

Anyway, enough rambling about the future! I wanted to do a quick post and show you all the way I have been storing/showcasing the jewelry that I wear on a day to day basis.  I have a jewelry armoire (which I love) but to be honest, I always felt like I needed to have pieces that I want to wear regularly laying out so I can see them and remind myself to wear them (sounds silly, but it's the truth). If everything was all crammed into a jewelry box, I found myself just skipping jewelry for the day because I didn't feel like searching through all my drawers and compartments.  So when I moved home,  I decided to use an extra little accent table (super cheap, from Target) to store jewelry that I wear pretty regularly on.  I also bought a little hook with a fleur de lis on it from Hobby Lobby for about $2 to hang my big bulky necklaces.  The end result is pictured below:

Mini Apothecary jars from Hobby Lobby

I love how I can see everything so clearly.  It usually takes me less than 2 minutes to rummage through it all in the mornings and figure out what I'm wearing for the day.  The plate is actually from the Dollar Tree, the bracelet holders are from Michaels (watch out for a sale, you can easily get them for 40% off)  the apothecary jars are from Hobby Lobby and I got them half off.  They hold all my stud earrings (one for silver, one for gold).  The bracelets are also separated by gold and silver if you couldn't see that in the pictures.  My Michael Kors watches are all just sitting on the cases they came with.  And as I mentioned already, the necklace hooks are from Hobby Lobby and just hold all of my bulkier 'statement necklaces'.  The pile in the middle of everything are just items that I haven't worn yet, so they are still in their packaging.

I plan on getting a white table just like this turquoise one when I go to Ikea this weekend because I would really like to figure out a place in my new room or closet to do this same thing.  I've grown accustomed to seeing everything and would love to incorporate it somehow in my apartment.  I hope you all get inspired by this post, and get some ideas for your own jewelry collection!  Thanks for reading :)



  1. I absolutely love your storage ideas! I have shelving in my closet and have been using that with small display cases but your ideas are much easier and efficient! Very nice!

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