Saturday, December 29, 2012

Exciting News! More to come soon...

In the last year or so, I have become kind of obsessed with vintage looking wingback chairs.  I have thought to myself more than a few times...I wonder how hard it could really be to reupholster one of those things.

Mainly it was this picture right here that really got my head churning...

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I mean, they are Chevron, black and white and wingback! How could I not fall in love?  So lately I have been on the hunt for a vintage wingback chair, in really good shape, and not crazy expensive (since I have to buy a lot of fabric to re-cover it, and that is not cheap...)

Well, my exciting news is that yesterday I was casually looking on craigslist, and I finally found my match!
Ain't she a beauty?!

 I picked her up yesterday at a peddler's mall (for only $40!!) and I am really happy with the condition, the tufting, and the fact that I got a matching ottoman to go along with her :)  I haven't started ripping her apart yet, because honestly, I'm a little scared of what I am about to take on...  I also have not been able to decide on a fabric fully yet.. I know I want something black and white and patterned but I just haven't decided fully.  These are the 5 that I have pretty much narrowed it down to.

 I would love something more in the Trellis family, but unfortunately I just haven't been able to find anything like that that fits in my budget :(  I'm also a little frightened to take on the stripes or the Chevron because I'm scared of how much harder that will make the upholstering process (trying to get lines to match up...etc, etc).  Also, what if Chevron is just a fad and I don't love it anymore in a year?!   Ahhh, decisions, decisions.   Any input on my choices would be GREATLY appreciated.

Anyway, I know it's been forever, so I wanted to post to let you all know what's going on in my life.  I did get all moved into my apartment, and I am loving how everything is looking.  You can see a little glimpse of how amazing my striped wall turned out in my bedroom in the picture with the chair above.  Stay tuned for an actual apartment tour post, there are just a few things I am still needing to get done before I publish everything on the internet for the whole world to see!

Also stay tuned for updates on this crazy adventure I am about to take trying to reupholster this chair and ottoman, YIKES! I am scared, but very, very excited :)

Thanks for reading and again, any input on fabric choice would be appreciated! Also, for all the shopaholics out there...look out for BIG sales coming up.  The semi-annual sale at Victoria's secret usually starts around Jan 3rd, and Dillard's has one of their biggest sales of the year New Year's day (and they open early for all you crazies like me!).  EVERYTHING in the store that is already marked down at all is an additional 50% off.  You really can't beat that...I can't wait! Hope everyone has an amazing New Year's and hopefully I will be posting again soon!


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